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If you are looking for a property in Windsor and Essex County, it is essential to get up to date information the minute it becomes available.  Realtors have better access to Multiple Listing Information and can email customers properties based on their search criteria. Searches can be done based...

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Agency Relationships Explained When you deal with a REALTOR, you can expect not only strict adherence to provincial laws, but also adherence to a Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Practice. The Code and Standards are very important to you, because it assures you will receive the highest...


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About Don Routliffe:

Don is one of the Top Realtors in Windsor and Essex County.  A multi-million dollar producer year after year, Don has enjoyed over 40 years of continuous service with one company, Buckingham.  Don specializes in condominiums and single family residences.

Don’s strong work ethic, excellent communication skills, and unmatched service to his clients, has resulted in him becoming one of the most effective realtors in Windsor and Essex County.  Don’s numerous clients continue to use and refer him, year after year.

Don has also been a member of the National Commercial Council of the Canadian Real Estate Association Since 2000.

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About Buckingham:

Locally founded, locally owned and locally operated. Buckingham is a leading real estate broker that services the Windsor and Essex County real estate market.  We have helped tens of thousands of families, individuals and companies to sell and to purchase, resale homes, new homes, condominiums, commercial properties, factories and businesses.



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Mold and Water Damage in Homes – Windsor Essex Real Estate

Homebuyers often have concerns about mould, but are their fears justified? Although thousands of types of mould exist, only a few are actually harmful to people. Toxic varieties, such as moulds from the genus Stachybotrys, can produce chemicals linked to various health problems including sinus infections, asthma and certain respiratory infections. However, mould must generally be present in large quantities to have a noticeable effect on most people. Mould eats wood cellulose and can potentially affect the structural integrity of wood. Some insurance companies have excluded mould damage from both first party and third party coverage. Property owners may be able to obtain costly site-specific environmental insurance that specifically includes mould coverage. Mould is...

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Tips for Showing a Home Windsor Real Estate

6 Tips to a Great Home Showings When it comes to showing your home to potential home buyers, you want to make sure that they are focused on the home’s potential to become theirs rather than constantly distracting them with outside issues. The following tips will help showings . Home Showing Tip  #1 Dont have Family and friends just hanging out When you decide to sell your home, you really do need to consider how you will show your home. It is definitely unsettling for home buyers to walk through a home only to find that there are kids sleeping in the rooms or someone is frying up a steak as they arrive. A home showing...

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Making a Room Feel Bigger – Windsor Essex Real Estate

Most of us can’t afford a home with massive rooms – not just because the square footage is costly, but also because it would cost an arm and a leg to keep that home heated and comfortable. There are, however, a vast array of tricks and methods that lend themselves to creating an illusion and will help you make a room feel bigger. That said, here are seven ways to make a room feel bigger: Ways to make a room feel bigger #1 Get Roman blinds Window treatment are an important part of making a room feel bigger and using roman blinds instead of curtains takes away that cluttered feeling and the look of...

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What to do when your assessment is too high, Windsor Real Estate

Source MPAC brochure: If you don’t agree with your Property Assessment from MPAC you can file a Request for Reconsideration. The deadline to file your RfR is April 2, 2012. There are two ways to file a RfR: • The preferred method is to submit a RfR form. Request For Reconsideration 2012 Form Forms are available at www.mpac.ca, or call us at 1 866 296-MPAC (6722). You may also choose to file your RfR electronically through AboutMyProperty™ on MPAC’s website. You will be able to attach documents, pictures and reports to accompany your RfR. Your personalized User ID and Password for AboutMyProperty™ are included on your Notice. 1. Write a letter requesting a reconsideration. In...

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Understanding Smart Meters – ENWIN

Smart Meters are Here As part of a provincial initiative to encourage energy conservation and help Ontario consumers manage their electricity costs, ENWIN is now installing Smart Meters throughout Windsor. The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has directed energy providers, like ENWIN, to install Smart Meters in all Ontario homes and small businesses, encouraging the development of a province-wide “culture of conservation”. As Windsor’s energy provider, ENWIN is mandated to complete local Smart Meter installations by early 2011. Everything Stays the Same It is important for customers to realize that everything will remain the same, following your Smart Meter Installation: An ENWIN employee will still come to read the meter, EnWin bills will still look...

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New Home Buyer Tarion Protection

New Home Buyers Page Content If you’re considering purchasing a new home, congratulations! It’s an exciting and rewarding process. A new home may also be the most significant purchase you ever make. In addition to the financial commitment, there are a number of lifestyle and home design options you may need to consider. That’s why it’s so important to do your homework and gather as much information as possible about your potential new home before you sign the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. To help prepare you for your purchase, we’ve created Top Ten Tips for New Home Buyers. It’s a step-by-step list that provides research ideas, financial and legal resources, as well as...

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Understanding Delayed Closings and Occupancies Windsor Real Estate

Understanding Delayed Closings and Occupancies for Freehold Homes and Condominiums Page Content Under the delayed closing and delayed occupancy warranty, your builder guarantees that your home will be ready for you to move in either by a date specified in the purchase agreement or by a date that has been properly extended if circumstances occur that delay the home’s completion. In many cases, your builder will be required to compensate you if a delay occurs. For more information about delayed closings and occupancies, including Addendums and Statement of Critical Dates calculators, please see below. Freehold Buyers Delayed Closing Protection To learn more about Delayed Closing protection, click on the link below that corresponds to...

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